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For over 20 years Andy Davenport has been creating delicious Crispy Treats and Cakes that consistently are the hit of every party. Additionally, his work in the disability world and lifelong friendships he has with people of all abilities has helped shape who he is today and served as a catalyst for the mission and business of Crispy King, LLC.


In June of 2020, the Crispy King YouTube show Cakes & Conversations launched to amplify the voices of people with a disability, show dignity, and disarm disability through storytelling and crispy cake creating. Over 20 different diagnoses and disabilities are highlighted in the 45+ shows we have produced. We believe it changes the way we all experience disability. 

During the filming of the shows Andy heard a consistent message from the guests. They desire relationships and gainful employment in order to live independently one day. Starting a dating service did not seem up our alley, but we knew we could do something about employment for people with a disability.


The unemployment rate for people with a disability is over 80%.


Crispy King was formed and remains actively on mission to lower the unemployment rate for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by 1%. We are creating an integrated workforce of people of all abilities. We never want more than 50% of our our team representing the disability community. For our mission to cause a movement we must show an integrated workforce is beneficial for all and profitable for the business.


Today we create out of a cottage kitchen with plans to transition into a commercial kitchen, and potentially a storefront soon. We offer a variety of gourmet Crispy Treats you can order online. We ship treats within the state of Georgia and CK merchandise nationwide. Soon all CK products will be available nationwide.


Every creation is beautiful and we all deserve to be treated like royalty. So let's start treating!


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